The sym-plan


The Sym-Plan enables you to nurture leads until they’re sales-ready, then automatically route them to the right reps at the right time. Making every lead a quality lead.

Track all your customer’s information and interactions in one place, from anywhere. Best practices and in-line intelligence helps move deals along faster.

No matter if you’re a rep in the field, an office based sales rep, or you just prefer to work inside your email, do more, from anywhere. Even better, it automates complex business processes driving even more productivity.

The new Sym-Plan is designed around the way you sell and puts data where you need it. New Opportunity Management tools, which is an intelligent homepage that shows you what is truly relevant for your day, giving you the ability to make smarter decisions and close more business, faster.

Sell smarter

We enable you to view your critical deal-details on an interactive homepage. Get instant alerts which allows you to adjust your strategy in-line with up-to-the-minute information. Access the best practices on sales, instantly. Update forecasts and make the smart moves that drive your conversion rates skyward.

You can see the details on your deals and make strategic adjustments with drag and drop ease. Do you want to work differently? Customize your structure and process that works for how you need to sell. Close deals your way, close deals today.

Being more productive starts with knowing what to do next, faster. Receive more insightful recommendations with next steps, right within your sales cycle. Track activities, write email right from your CRM and turn every customer interaction into an opportunity.

Implementation and integration

When you have the right partner, implementation and integration are simply check boxes on your list. Our strategic partners are chosen for their experience with thousands of companies across a broad range of business sizes and industries. So whatever your business, they have the expertise to get you up to speed.

The Sym-Plan is the most effective alliance you can have when it comes to training and improved training means higher sales, a better retention rate for your staff and an improved experience from
the perspective of your clientele.